Residential and Commercial Tree Services

We offer a range of residential and commercial tree services in Knox County, particularly in Camden and other localities in Maine.

Our services include:

pruning-tree-removal-and-stump-grinding tree services

Pruning, Tree Removal, and Stump Grinding

Get rid of the unsightly, rotting, and dying trees from your yard. We use only highly specialized equipment to reach trees and branches that are not accessible through regular ladders.

insect-and-disease-treatments tree services

Insect and Disease Treatments

Our team will monitor your trees for signs of tree disease and insect problems, from discolored leaves to a thinned out canopy. We will then provide treatment or management service to restore the tree to good health.

below-ground-root-health-treatments tree services

Below Ground Root Health Treatments

We take the guesswork out of what your soil needs for optimal growth. We can also identify whether your trees suffer from poor soil, moisture competition, or nutrient deficiencies.

tree-planting-and-transplant tree services

Tree Planting and Transplant

If you want to remove the old tree and replace it with a new one, we’ll do the planting for you.

consultation tree services


Get tips on how to properly prune smaller trees and bushes, and learn more about tree care from our certified arborists.

firewood-mulch-and-wood-products tree services

Firewood, Mulch, and Wood Products

We specialize in all things trees, and a natural extension of this is to provide firewood, mulch, and wood products to keep you warm all year.